Don’t let your cloud spend spiral out of control

Cloud has been fantastic for releasing innovation inside organisations, letting users rapidly create and deploy new applications and services. The downside of this for many organisations is that alongside this innovation has come unexpectedly large and unbudgeted invoices from their cloud providers.

Get in touch with the DataVita team if you want to get your cloud spend back under control. We offer a range of cost optimisation services, including a free 30-day initial assessment to gauge the scale of your potential cost savings.

Our packaged services are designed to help you get clarity on your cloud spend, to identify waste and critically to help you rapidly and safely reduce the size of your cloud bills. Most customers will realise savings in the region of 35%, with some achieving up to 80%, making optimisation of cloud spend an obvious area of focus if you are looking to achieve cost savings in IT.

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What is cloud cost optimisation?

Cloud cost optimisation is the process of reducing overall cloud spend by identifying and eliminating waste, finding mismanaged resources, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and Right Sizing computing services to scale

It is a critical component of a successful cloud strategy, enabling you to rapidly identify cloud waste, delivering comprehensive management and automation of cost, security, compliance, inventory and utilisation. Done correctly, it will give you the information you need to better manage your cloud services and critically make significant savings. In some cases, up to 80% of your monthly cloud spend can be eliminated.

Using advanced SaaS based tooling alongside in-depth workshops, DataVita can help automate the process of delivering savings, ensuring that the quality of your cloud spend can rapidly increase without holding back your end users.

Why cost optimisation matters

Quite simply, cost optimisation gives you control over spiralling cloud spend, enabling IT, Security, and Finance teams to manage their cloud ecosystem with confidence as your cloud usage scales. It delivers control over cloud budgets, reducing spend and freeing up investment for other business critical initiatives.

A successful optimisation project as part of a wider approach to financial cloud management (FinOps), can not only deliver significant savings, but can also reduce conflict within your organisation and help improve the pace of innovation, helping not only to reduce your costs but also to grow your revenues.

Automation of the optimisation process using standardised tooling is an important step in your optimisation journey, doing this ensures that it becomes an ingrained operational process rather than an occasional activity, maximising savings and freeing up your resource to focus elsewhere on more critical business projects.

How can DataVita help?

To help you on your optimisation journey, DataVita offer a structured cost optimisation service. The service is designed to give you complete visibility and control over your cloud spend, giving everything needed to manage and allocate costs, optimise spending, and save within the first 30-days.

From managing expenses to optimising resources to securing your cloud infrastructure, the service delivers visibility and control across your cloud environment. We offer an initial free assessment, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself the potential waste in your cloud environment and the scale of the potential savings.

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