Storage Solutions

DataVita offers next generation scale-out storage for your applications, databases, websites, and unstructured files.

Critical Infrastructure

Performance without question
We store, protect, and ensure low-latency access to your critical data. Whether it be powering business operation, ticketing systems, payment systems – we ensure availability, access, and top performance with an all SSD array.

Long Term Storage

Archiving and filing
Back your data off to our S3 storage, allowing you to retain access and availability without the criticality – with a highly competitive price point. Multi-Petabyte scale storage ideal for offloading huge data payloads.


UK Sovereignty guaranteed
We ensure your data is never outside of the United Kingdom, giving you peace of mind that your business-critical data is safe, with the ability to add access controls to the data, providing a full storage solution.


DataVita takes pride in the way that we can manage petabyte-scale data payloads, with the ability to power option and informed decisions in a Multi-Cloud environment, by centralising your data requirements around our one-stop portal. Oversee all of your data and the many forms it comes in as, and decide on how you will extract value from it. DataVita enhances your business operation with our highly scalable and on-demand Cloud Storage Solutions.

SSD Storage

Ensuring speed and low-latency
  • Highest Performance Guaranteed
  • No Ingress/Egress charges
  • Secure Access in Multiple Ways
  • Dedicated Hardware
  • Rich content services

S3 Storage

No frills managed storage
  • Store Any Size Datasets
  • High Availability
  • Low Cost Options
  • Compliant by Default

Object Storage

Durable and low-cost
  • Video, images, pdfs and sensor data
  • Support for billions of objects
  • Durable, low-cost cloud storage for Active Archive
  • Swift, NFS, and CIFS access
  • Capacity optimised

Petabyte-scale storage. See what we can do for you.

Use Cases

Payment Systems

We ensure availability for your business-critical operation. We ensure no revenue loss by the inability to accept, process, and verify inbound payments by hosting your database on highly performant storage, with guaranteed uptime.


Many business’ rely on a core database powering their day-to-day operations – leverage a highly accessible and secure DataVita storage solution, and harness your data in ways never before in the horizon.


Give your students highly available, high speed access to their files, ensuring no request goes unfulfilled. We can provision petabyte-scale storage arrays for use in education, where high ingress and egress traffic can overwhelm other storage providers.