Multi-Cloud Solutions

Designed with your workload in mind, we make it easy to leverage the Multi-Cloud. We have designed bespoke platforms for the Public Sector for optimal performance and reliability.

Secure Cloud

Simplified cost-effective security management of your Cloud assets. Designed for business critical operations and applications. We assure optimal performance, reliability, and compliance. See what we can do for you today.

Dedicated Cloud

Single-tenant infrastructure for sensitive workloads. With resources allocated solely to your business, you are guaranteed performance without the unpredictable changes in the environment.

Public Cloud

Spin up and meet your demand with scaling infrastructure. Orchestrate from a central portal with immediate changes to the platform, with billing to match. Break free from contracts and obligations, consuming only what you require.


100% SLA

Break free from the old
Our Multi-Cloud offering allows modern management of your workloads, standing behind our 99.999% SLA for uptime, building management, and Cloud solutions. Break free from lengthy binding contracts and reduce spends on software and hardware while we handle the complexity of your migration to us.

Tier III Data Centre

Manage like others can’t
All of your data lives in our Tier III wholly owned data centre, with the latest technologies and vendors making up our technology stack. We give you unparalleled insight and ownership of your cloud. Expand and contract your Cloud based applications to meet operational needs to keep your business in the forefront.


We are here for you
Licensing, operating systems, and architecture; leave this to us and focus on your business strategy. Our 24/7/365 support operation will always have your best interest in mind, focusing on unleashing the power of your services. Continuously reviewing and making improvements where possible, aiming for a long term relationship as we run in the background powering your Multi-Cloud.

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Why Choose Us?

DataVita maintain a robust and highly efficient Cloud platform, designed from the ground up to cater to the most demanding public sector requirements.

Compliance-ready offering

Meet the complex security and compliance requirements expected of public sector services. This is ideal for operations under strict regulatory requirements.

Highly Secure

Low latency high capacity carrier connections, direct connect to major providers and compatibility with legacy systems.

Cost Savings

Deploy and manage new virtual infrastructure to optimise your spend when you need the compute, and reduce your footprint when you do not. Spend only for what you consume and provision.

Let Us Manage

Retail & Ecommerce

Being able to receive orders, process, and complete is integral to normal operation of your business. We can work with you in harmony to align a secure, performant, and reliable solution, all in the Multi-Cloud.

Virtual Desktops

Run significantly more intensive workloads, without the cost of it being physical on-site, reducing overall cost and complexity of a Virtual Desktop environment.

Development Environments

Being able to replicate your production environment to test changes can be very costly. Hosting your production with us, we can clone and give you a test bed for peace of mind before deploying your changes.

Processing Systems

Whether you process, verify, or store large volumes of data. We keep it highly accessible and within reach, allowing that operation to run smoothly with minimal – if any – maintenance.

Transaction Processing

Downtime means significant losses. We work with the public sector to ensure top speed processing, connection times, and reliability.

Disaster Recovery

Your cloud infrastructure changes by the second, our highly customisable platform allows us to meet your challenging RPO and RTO requirements so you can focus on workloads.