Managed Security Solutions

Safeguard critical business infrastructure with managed services from DataVita. Backed by industry-best technologies, dedicated to ensuring a secure environment. Your networks, servers, and applications are protected from any attack vector.

Managed Firewall

Safeguard your applications and servers. DataVita security experts protect your applications with robust firewall technologies such as in-transit packet inspection, intrusion and malicious access detection and mitigation, as well as VPN services. By using these services, there are no noticeable overhead, enabling maximum performance.

Threat Mitigation

Proactive threat mitigation services to hunt for threats before they pose immediate risks and neutralise them. We constantly look for compromised systems and methods attackers utilise, providing a highly robust detection mechanism. We ensure all of our infrastructure is up-to-date with close vendor relationships, and the latest intelligence.

Detection & Prevention

Immediate visibility into your environment and security status, allowing you to easily protect your business and requirements. We employ multiple security methods both at the software and hardware level, as well as physically at our Tier III Data centre. Your data is safe with us.


Security is a fundamental requirement in all modern IT, see how we exceed expectations to give you total peace of mind.


We can provide agentless monitoring of your applications, allowing us to proactively detect security threats before they manifest. We harden the stack even if it is legacy by providing industry-leading intermediary steps such as our Firewalls, VPNs, and more. We also provide on-net or off-net solutions to ensure that no matter what, your data is secured.

Threat Insights

DataVita has access to a large team of threat researchers and analysts, meaning you benefit from insights into threats in as little as 3 minutes since they are detected, no matter where that is in the world. Your applications remain secure and protected against all new threats.

Existing Infrastructure

We can build our offering at many different layers, giving you flexibility to choose where you would like protection on your incumbent solution. This may be to compliment existing security solutions, or to introduce a wholly custom DataVita provided security package to give you the highest level of security possible.

How We Protect You

See how we proactively protect you, how we detect threats and issues, and how we respond to it. Giving you faith that your data is secure.


DataVita discover advanced threats in real-time, we are connected to a worldwide network which allows vulnerabilites detected anywhere in the world to become added to our intelligence. DataVita security policies continuously change based on this new information, creating a robust method to prevent attacks.


Using our intelligence, finding any attacks we block and defend against these attacks. We can detect and mitigate threats orders of magnitude faster than the industry-wide median of months, which allows us to stay ahead and secure.


We remediate breaches and prevent future instances of similar attacks, meaning across our entire platform we are learning and responding with intelligence we gain daily. This comprehensive response mechanism means we are at the forefront of protecting your organisation.

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