Public Sector Managed Services

DataVita offer a collection of services to assist you with your Multi-Cloud migration at every step of the way.


Comprehensive consultancy services, enabling your IT objectives. Complex IT environments require professional high quality, we can help reduce the risks of your projects, new sales, and support you through that process. We will ensure you maximise returns from your IT investment, helping you navigate the shift to the Multi-Cloud.

Service Desk

Skilled and qualified Service Desk Consultants on hand 24/7/365 to ensure availability should you require it. We invest heavily to keep our Service Desk Consultants up to date with your technology stacks, best practices and customer-centric service.


DataVita provide industry-leading fully managed migration services, enabling your transition to the Multi-Cloud. We include an advisory element on top, to ensure you are best suited to this move. We will only simplify your IT solution, not complicate it.

Audit & Discovery

A data centre audit is performed to understand your current inventory, hardware, software, physical, and virtual. We simplify this typically time-consuming and complex operation so you can focus elsewhere on business needs.


Relocating data centre hardware and networks is a complex time-consuming job. We can coordinate this process and bring you in to our data centre to save you the time and inconvenience of this lengthy job.

Cloud Readiness

We provide a detailed analysis of your Cloud requirements, and assess your current infrastructure to determine timescales, costs, and related risks when migrating to the Cloud.