Connect & Network Solutions

DataVita is a carrier neutral data centre, offering a range of direct connect options giving you access to our core network, your core network, and the internet.


We offer various options, including the option for wireless only, VPLS, Software Defined Networking, and Dark Fibre. We have partnered with various Tier 1 communication providers to enable ease of provision, and cost savings.


Our partnership with London Internet Exchange enables us to offer unparalleled connectivity, as well as being the home to IX Scotland, the first regional exchange to be established outside of England.

Business Internet

Large and consistent bandwidth requirements, with inbuild DDOS mitigation, managed firewalls, and monitoring. We also offer diversely routed infrastructure to give you peace of mind in your services being accessible no matter what.


Home to multiple tier 1 providers, meeting Public Sector requirements being highly connected, redundant, and available.

Multiple Communication Providers

Carrier Neutral
Our suppliers BT Openreach, SSE, Virgin, Level 3, and Zayo combined mean we are highly connected. We’re carrier neutral which means our reliable backbone doesn’t rely on one provider, and we become immune to provider-specific outages.

Easily Link Business Services

Major Providers Directly Accessible
Whether it is a direct connection to Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, or Google, we make it easy to establish these routes and maintain a low-latency high-speed link.

Bespoke Network Specifications

Redundant and Diverse

Our partnerships enable us to deliver unqiue and bespoke solutions catered to your individual business needs. We have worked with our suppliers, BT Openreach, Neos Networks, Virgin, Level 3, and Zayo to deliver custom solutions which allow highly redundant connections, with diverse routes otherwise not economically viable.

Network Overview

This includes our strategic partners, this is not wholly owned by DataVita.