Multi-Cloud Solutions

Seamlessly integrate, manage, and modernise your IT infrastructure across any application and data source, via a central Cloud services portal.

Single Platform

Ease of management

Integrate and manage your distributed environments, from a central, familiar platform. We give you the choice of operating system, storage, backups, and disaster recovery, bundled into your Multi-Cloud solution.


Private tenant

We integrate role-based user access controls, defined by you, to secure and control access into your environment. There are significant benefits by way of our virtually integrated security measures as well as physical protection.


Modern Architecture

DataVita's cloud platform is architechted to be as performant as possible, built on modern optimised hardware. Our team of dedicated support staff work to ensure high performance and productivity.


Spend less time managing your cloud portfolio and more time focussing on your business. DataVita powered Cloud solutions incorporate a Multi-Cloud approach, enabling you to leverage any data source, fed into any compute, ultimately providing a fully custom and bespoke solution to fit your Cloud requirements.

This allows business focus on your operations rather than your configurations, while we take care of the central one-stop portal wherein you can oversee and orchestrate your Cloud estate, all with incorporated Security systems in place for total peace of mind.

Private Cloud

Dedicated infrastructure provisioned for use by a single consumer.
  • Based on hyper converged technology
  • Dedicated, CPU, Memory and Storage
  • Option of shared or dedicated network
  • Simple licensing model
  • No additional cost per VM
  • DR and backup options available

Hybrid cloud

The composition of two or more of the deployment including AWS and Microsoft azure.
  • Mix co-location and on premise with private and public cloud
  • Single view of all resource’s regardless of provider
  • Avoid cloud “lock in”
  • Easy migration of workloads between services

Public cloud

Shared infrastructure provisioned in a secure, multi-tenant manner for any consumer.
  • Elastic service to allow easy scale up/down on demand
  • Self service via our Customer Portal
  • Snapshots for fast backup/restore
  • Solid State Storage as standard
  • 24×7 Support
  • Simple billing model

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