End-to-End Public Sector Solutions

Scotland’s only purpose built, Tier III certified data centre, designed with security and resilience in mind, making it perfect for the Public Sector.

Government Frameworks

UK Government G Cloud 11

Cloud computing services, software, and high quality support for public sector organisations. Modelled as pay-as-you-go, you are in full control of your IT expenditure. We also provide a selection of services intended for the public sector, enabling organisations to leverage the best solutions in the market.

Scottish Government Cloud Services Framework

DataVita are at the forefront of enabling the transition, managing, and realising the success of the Multi-Cloud offering. We are providing different Cloud solutions to the Public Sector, with the ability to find you the best balance of performance and cost. We help enable the digital strategy for Scotland, by providing high quality and reliable Cloud Solutions.


  • Government approved Frameworks
  • Transition to a Multi Cloud environment reliably
  • Designed for the public sector
  • Direct cost savings
  • Focus on developing systems not solutions


  • Highly secure, using the latest technologies
  • Robust and tested, ensuring reliability
  • Compliancy built into the solution
  • Massive scale, orchestrated from a central location

DataVita Multi-Cloud


Directly connected to all major Public Cloud Service Provider’s, coupled with our Carrier Neutral design, centralised management portal, and direct in-house support available all year round, we make purchasing services and solutions easy, taking care of risks and complexities to enable business focus.


DataVita’s centralised management portal gives ultimate granular control, segregated by user account and permission levels, on top of structured and defined security policies. Our highly available and redundant design – both physically and logically – always remain no matter what configuration change you make.


DataVita provide an easy-to-digest pay-as-you-go model, with a single point of contact for consolidated Public Cloud resource usage overview. Enabling a truly flexible payment model, with no surprise bills.

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