Don’t let excessive cloud costs eat your IT budget

The upsides of cloud are well known, releasing the innovation inside your business, transforming how you deliver services and letting you reach your end-users faster and in more creative ways.

The downsides however don’t often make the headlines. Too often we hear the same issues being raised by procurement and finance departments across the land “why is our bill spiralling”, “who authorised this” or even “which department bought this service”.

We know that cloud cost management can be complicated and it’s easy to blow your budgets in a very short time period. The root cause can be complex, whether it’s over-sizing, over-provisioning, lack of visibility, lack of governance or just simple resource mismanagement. The outcome however is financial pain and organisational conflict.

In our experience nearly every enterprise cloud consumer is wasting between 20% to 80% of their cloud spend, with the average being more than 35% in a typical mid-sized IT environment.

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Let us help get your cloud spending under control

Whether you are using Azure, Google or AWS, the free DataVita Cloud Cost Management Assessment can help you reduce cloud costs by an average of 35% and often much more. This simple assessment will identify the potential for you to make dramatic savings on your cloud spend.

During the assessment we use a combination of automated tooling alongside structured workshops to examine your cloud deployment to find areas of improvement and cost savings.

We’ll address organisational challenges, review procurement processes and more. The team will assess usage of reserved instances and savings plans, investigating unused instances, wasted resources, and opportunities for rightsizing to find opportunities to improve architecture and governance. Importantly we also consider areas where there are opportunities to transition to using Spot resources vs. on-demand and more.

During the assessment, the DataVita experts will scour your cloud invoices to identify the quickest wins that do not require operational downtime. We know you can almost certainly achieve lower costs if you rearchitect your environment, but if you don’t have the time or maintenance window for that scale of a project, there are easy-to-deploy solutions that can make an equally positive impact on the size of your bill.

Once we are clear on the scale of the potential optimisation opportunities, we can move into addressing governance and tagging initiatives, before a deeper dive into more complex architectural changes that may require significant time, resource or potentially downtime to make the savings.

The resulting report will give you absolute clarity on how and where you can achieve measurable savings, with a clear roadmap of optimisation changes that will ultimately lower your bill.