Backup and Disaster Recovery by Rubrik


Instantly recover and avoid operational data loss.


Geographically local support from trained technicians.


Meet your complex organisational requirements out of the box.

Why Choose Rubrik?

Leverage the combination of data backup, recovery, replication, archival, and compliance that Rubrik offers, for total peace of mind that your business critical data will always be within reach. 

Instant Recovery

No Data Rehydration Required
  • Restore any virtual machine in seconds.
  • Satisfy lower RTO objectives.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Accelerate test/development processes.

Policy Based Engine

Flexible but explicit
  • Control which specific workloads/virtual machines must be protected.
  • Where to send data, and how to store that data.
  • When to purge backup files from storage.
  • How to connect to the storage destination, be it access methods or the protocols used.


Granular and detailed
  • Easily create advanced data visualisations.
  • Uncover insights into your data.
  • Track capacity utilisation, growth, and usage by application, location, or use cases.
  • Determine SLA compliance at a glance.

Begin your data modernisation journey.