S3 Storage

Object storage that enables management of your unstructured data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Petabyte scale capacity on demand, with the ability for tiering into the public cloud.


We guarantee that your data will be hosted within the UK at DataVita’s highly secure data centre. 


All data benefits from encryption at rest. We perform integrity checks on your data and provide 99.99999%+ data durability.

The Challenge

Today’s unprecedented growth in unstructured data presents enterprises with opportunities to uncover new customer engagements and revenue streams. To keep pace, IT must overcome the challenges of keeping up not only with the volume of data, but also with changes in how data is stored and accessed. Users need IT to support a plethora of applications varying from traditional workloads to cloud-based applications, with access to the data across many locations: inside the data centres, remote offices, and the public cloud.

Object storage through cloud-based data management is quickly becoming the norm, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of concerns:

  • Is my data safe? What happens if my requirements change?

  • What is cost-effective today and tomorrow?
    Does choosing one solution create vendor lock-in?

  • Can I meet performance needs with data that lives both on premises and in the public cloud?

The Solution

Datavita has invested in a cloud-scale, software-defined, object-based storage solution that supports industry-standard object APIs like the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) API.

It allows you to build a single name space across multiple locations, with customisable service levels for metadata driven object lifecycle policies. The integrated lifecycle management policies optimise where your data lives throughout its lifecycle.

Our platform optimises your data durability and availability. It enables hybrid cloud workflows, whether your data is on premises or in our cloud to fit your business demands with access to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Microsoft Azure Blob, Amazon Glacier, Elasticsearch, and similar services.

Use Cases

  • Rich Content Services
  • Video, images, pdfs, sensor data, decentralized, Billions of objects, New Apps (S3), streaming data access, large throughput rates
  • Criteria: Scalability, multi-site, multi- app, automated data distribution
  • Backup Repository & Secure Archive
  • Capacity optimised, low transaction loads, long retention periods, latency tolerant
  • Criteria: high efficiency, durable, automated tiering as value of data changes


Datavita believes that pricing models should be simple, easy to understand and transparent to our customers. Our S3 Cloud Storage Service is charged for monthly in advance based on allocated GB of capacity.

What happens in your buckets is your business. If you can compress or de-duplicate your data then you see then benefit. We also don’t charge you extra for ingress/egress of data and bandwidth is included in the price.

First 50TiB

£0.020 Per GB/month

Next 450TiB

£0.018 Per GB/month

Over 500TiB

£0.015 Per GB/month

1. Prices shown exclude VAT.
2. Subject to Datavita’s standard terms and conditions.
3. Additional one-off charges may apply if you require assistance with migration of data or connecting applications.
4. Co-location customers of Datavita may require additional network ports to connect to the S3 Cloud Storage Service that will be charged at the normal rates.

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