Google and DataVita

A perfect partnership for a hybrid world

The DataVita and Google Cloud strategic partnership provides customers access to an exceptionally secure, highly automated, flexible and cost-effective hybrid cloud ecosystem, spanning on-premise, hosted and public cloud environments.

Designed to support all applications and services from legacy IT through to cloud-native services, the partnership delivers an open platform to ensure consistent deployment, operations, and security for cloud-native applications across multi-cloud environments.

Why Google and DataVita?

Businesses everywhere are increasingly demanding more flexibility from their IT investments and multi-cloud usage is now a reality. The challenge however has been in understanding which applications can and should be deployed where – on-premise, hosted cloud or in the public cloud. IT leaders want to take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, innovative services and geographic scope, but most are worried about getting locked into the wrong provider. Working together, Google and DataVita deliver a truly open platform that lets you run your apps anywhere, unmodified, on any cloud or data centre.

The partnership provides users with secure access to hybrid cloud resources (both containers and virtual machines), using the Google Anthos capability to integrate cloud workloads from any provider with Infrastructure as a Service platforms hosted by DataVita and existing on-premise environments. The goal is to give you the freedom to deploy, run and manage applications on the cloud of your choice, without requiring administrators and developers to learn different environments and APIs.

Key Services

Hybrid Cloud

Extend your on-premises investments to the DataVita and Google Cloud integrated service for speed and scale with access to the best tools, without having to re-platform your existing applications. Whether you’re hosting with DataVita or utilising our cloud platforms, using on-premises, cloud-native, or any configuration of hybrid cloud computing, DataVita and Google Cloud provide a platform for you to modernise your infrastructure.

Application Modernisation

Our platforms enable you to build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere in a secure, consistent manner. You can modernise existing applications running on virtual machines while deploying cloud-native apps on containers in a consistent manner across on-premise and cloud platforms. The Google application platform provides a consistent development and operations experience across all your deployments while reducing operational overhead and improving developer productivity.

VMware on Google

With Google Cloud VMware Engine, virtual workloads can be easily migrated and run natively in Google Cloud without refactoring your applications. Your virtual services can be rapidly and securely migrated to a native VMware environment running in Google Cloud, benefiting from Google Cloud secure and scalable global infrastructure and leading data analytics, AI, and ML capabilities.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The need for services to be highly available and data securely protected is an ever-present challenge for enterprise cloud consumers. DataVita offer a wide range of data protection services including backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, designed to protect and secure your workloads wherever they are hosted.

Cloud Connectivity

No hybrid cloud platform is complete without high-speed connectivity between your data centre and the cloud infrastructure. DataVita Cloud Connect delivers high speed, low latency, cost effective connectivity options for securely connecting enterprise data centres with the cloud. Customers can also use multiple resilient telecoms providers for extending their data centre to GCP with direct connectivity from the DataVita data centres.

Cloud Cost Management

Almost every cloud consumer quickly realises one harsh reality of the cloud – cloud spending is like gravity; it will always float up unless you actively manage it. In our experience, nearly every enterprise cloud user is wasting between 20% to 70% of their cloud spend, with the average being more than 35%. To address this challenge, DataVita offer cost optimisation services and tooling, enabling cloud users to control cloud spend and achieve significant cost savings.