We are pleased to offer Digit attendees a series of free trials for DataVita hosting and cloud services

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year, with unexpected pressures hitting every organisation, no matter their sector or size. We know that every business is facing financial constraints and operational challenges and want to do what we can to help.

To assist you with your journey to transforming your IT services, DataVita are pleased to offer a series of free trial services alongside free transformation and optimisation audit offerings. Our goal is to ensure that we can help you meet your transformation targets whilst giving you a better understanding of the quality of our cloud services and hosting portfolio.

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Free Trials

We believe that the quality of our services speaks for themselves, so rather than bury you in PowerPoints and marketing brochures we’d rather you try our services yourself before committing to a contract. We are offering free 30-day no commitment for all Cloud services, including:

Secure shared cloud IaaS

S3 storage

Backup as a Service

Ultra-performance storage

Office 365 backup

DR as a Service

Cloud cost optimisation

Initial Free Period

We are offering all Digit attendees a free transition period for all DataVita cloud and hosting/colocation services. The offer is simple – the first 6-weeks free for customers taking an annual contract extending up to 3-months free for 36-month contracts, essentially letting you migrate to DataVita without incurring any dual running charges.

Colocation & Hosting

We may be biased, but we believe our data centre is not only extremely cost effective but is also the best and most secure in the UK today and is the only tier III Uptime Institute certified facility in Scotland. We’d welcome you to visit our facility to see this for yourself.

Secure shared cloud

Built on enterprise technology, the DataVita IaaS platform is highly available, exceptionally secure and highly flexible, letting you build and scale applications on-demand with options for public cloud connectivity

S3 storage

Designed to give you guaranteed data sovereignty within Scottish borders, the DataVita S3 platform is highly available, secure and cost effective, offering both compatibility and connectivity to the Public Cloud equivalent services.

Ultra-performance storage

For workloads requiring enterprise performance levels, you can consume the DataVita ultra performance shared storage (dedicated options also available). Charged on a cost/TB basis, this is simple to deploy, offering exceptional levels of performance and availability.

Backup as a Service

Backup is critical for any organisation, offering advanced data protection and recoverability regardless of the location of your data, the DataVita backup service is easy to deploy, simple to use and delivers extremely rapid recovery, including malware protection as standard.

DR as a Service

The ability to rapidly recovery service in the event of a disaster or outage hitting your production services has become an essential component in any IT strategy. The DataVita DR as a service offering is designed to offer extremely rapid recovery at a cost-effective price point for your on-premise, hosted and cloud workloads

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