A cloud solution capable of protecting
and securing Scotland’s Historic Data, sustainably.

DataVita help clients truly execute on the hybrid cloud, in a highly efficient and sustainable manner. DataVita owns and operates Scotland’s largest, most secure, and most resilient Tier III certified datacentre – the only commercially available facility of its type in the UK.

Purpose-built to offer exceptional levels of availability, security, and sustainability – with most clients reducing their carbon footprint by 70% or more – our colocation, cloud and connectivity services are flexible and cost-effective, with rapid, low latency connectivity to the public cloud.

The Client

Historic Environment Scotland (HES)

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are known for managing over 300 properties of national importance to Scotland’s past. However, they are also the custodians of a vast wealth of Scotland’s historic documents and data.

Like many organisations, HES made the decision to move away from the continuous refresh of hardware and move to a flexible cloud model to align consumption with spend.

Datavita helped achive the right solution.

“What set DataVita apart was its willingness to share risk without compromising availability.”

Edgar Dodds, HES Head of IT

Meeting complex needs

Our team worked extensively with Historic Environment Scotland to detrmine the bespoke needs both current and future. We identified 4 key pain points for us to tailor a solution around.

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Ideal for the wide range of public sector organisations as well as bespoke requirements of the private sector business’ . See our solution today.