Backup and Disaster Recovery by Zerto


Minimise impact of any ransomware attack with fast recovery times.


One solution encompassing backup, disaster recovery, for ease of use.


Agnostic approach means being able to avoid vendor lock in.

Why Choose Zerto?

Benefit from effective converged backup and disaster recover protection for production workloads, minimising the risk of unprotected data existing within your organisation. 

Mitigate Ransomware

Catastrophe averted
  • Uninterrupted performance during attacks.
  • No data corruption to the organisation.
  • Continuous data protection throughout lifecycle of data.
  • Avoid the lasting affects of malware attacks.

Continuous Data Protection

  • Automatically capture data modifications.
  • Track every version of user-created data locally or to a remote target.
  • Little-to-no production overhead. 
  • Restore to any point in time with remarkable granularity.

Provider Agnostic

Data In Transit
  • Agnostic approach to storage and hypervisor, giving many options for existing large-scale backup solutions. 
  • Extend flexibility to the Cloud – move and recover any workload from and to any Cloud platform without tedious manual conversions.

Gain total peace of mind that your data is protected.