Backup and Disaster Recovery by VMware


Directly integrate with your existing VMware products.


Utilise less physical resources whilst preserving integrity.


Easily choose from a list of protected VMs to recover from a time and date.

Why Choose VMware?

Ensure data recovery availability, reducing the exposure to data loss, with a full backup and disaster recovery solution powered by industry leading provider VMware.


Simplified management
  • Engineered around the virtualisation capabilities of the vSphere platform, already commonplace in many organisations.
  • Agentless image-level virtual machine backups to disk.
  • Many data sources capable of being protected and orchestrated in central location.


Reliable and trusted
  • Variable-length data deduplication.
  • Up to 75% less storage requirement compared to fixed-length deduplication.
  • Application-aware backups to ensure application-consistent backups and granular recovery options.
  • Automated verification of new backups to prove their integrity for future use.

Fast Recovery

Granular and detailed
  • Single step recovery, giving you the ability to browse restore points of a virtual machine via synthetic full backups.
  • Intelligently restore only the changed virtual machine blocks, reducing recovery time and increasing flexibility.

Elevate your backup and recovery with us today.