Power Security Resilience Statement – October 2022

DataVita recognise that the recent media coverage of potential power outages during the winter months will be of significant concern to our customers. The risk of planned power outages is due to unprecedented levels of volatility in both price and supply in the domestic and international energy markets. This statement will hopefully allay those concerns regarding the resilience of power provision and mitigation against any form of outage over the short to medium term

We can assure our customers that we are fully equipped to address any concerns around resilience of power supply. We believe that our robust data centre designs are among the best in the UK and are extremely confident in our ability to manage any form of power outage over a considerable period of time.

Our DV1 facility (previously known as Fortis) is Scotland’s only Tier III Uptime Institute Certified Data Centre. Our data centre design and construction has therefore been independently audited and tested under full load conditions on utility and more importantly in this occasion, on alternative power sources in the form of our stand-by generation.

Resilient Infrastructure Design

In order to achieve the arduous standards required by the Uptime Institute accreditation process, DV1 meets the following characteristics:

• DV1 has two utility power supplies – Dual power supply topology is maintained throughout the network up to the point of use by our customers. The power supplies are protected via Uninterruptible Power Supplies (“UPS”) maintaining the N+N topology with a minimum of 10 Minutes autonomy each;

• In the unlikely event of a power outage, our generators will start within less than 1 minute as we maintain temperature in the oil to avoid failed/delayed starts due to cold conditions (see also maintenance section below);

• We have N+N, Continuous Operation rated generators. This means that our generators can run indefinitely for all practical purposes;

• DataVita have multiple supply partners to deliver diesel to site with certain suppliers under an 8-hour SLA;

• We maintain three days’ worth of fuel on site at all times and have the capacity to store within our bulk storage tanks 384,00 litres of fuel which equates to over 100 days at current peak load conditions

Best Practice Maintenance Standards

Whilst having the underlying infrastructure to provide gold standard service levels and power resilience is critical, this infrastructure is irrelevant if it is not operated, tested and maintained to the same level of rigour.

Our DV1 facility achieves this by:

• Starting the generators on a weekly basis;

• Carrying out monthly on-load testing of our stand-by generators;

• Regular simulation of loss of utility (stress testing), where the Data Centre is run on generators for a prolonged period;

• Generators, UPS and supporting infrastructure are maintained in line with all manufacturer’s guidelines; and

• Importantly, all fuel in our bulk storage tanks is regularly filtered (polished) to clean out sludge, water, asphaltenes, and other non-fuel solids.