Behind every Cloud is a data centre

We are DataVita, Scotland’s leading provider of Data Centre, cloud and connectivity services.

Located in the heart of Scotland, ideally located between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the DataVita data centre, home to our multi-cloud platform is without doubt one of the highest quality, most sustainable and secure facilities in the UK today. Our belief is that having the right datacentre and connectivity really is the foundation to a true multi-cloud strategy.

Our co-location and cloud products are unlike anything available in Scotland today and take a fresh approach to providing enterprise IT services, with a focus on security, availability and sustainability. Our data centre is “Cloud Enabled” allowing customers to easily mix traditional hosted IT with flexible, on-demand private/public cloud services as needed and monitor, manage and report on everything from a single portal.

We are passionate about what we do and firmly believe that flexibility matters. We want you to be able to consume your workloads in a consistently high-quality manner, regardless whether they are collocated in DataVita, delivered via our multi-cloud platform or consumed via a Public Cloud provider.


The state-of-the-art data centre opened in 2016 between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The complex consists of two physically separate buildings which are operated as one. Each building has two 1000 sqm Data Halls which are physically separate fire compartments.

Connectivity to the site is provided by multiple suppliers with dedicated fibre via diverse routes and multiple entry points within the building.

Data Centre Quality Matters

At DataVita we are exceptionally proud of our data centre. Rated amongst the best in the UK, the DataVita facility is the most resilient and secure data centre in the country and the only Uptime Institute Tier III certified facility in Scotland.

The data centre sits at the heart of the internet and our belief is that having the right data centre partner is the foundation to a true multi-cloud strategy, offering exceptionally high quality colocation capability and enabling consumption of cloud services with the fastest access to the Public Cloud and SaaS Providers. 

DataVita is powered by 100% renewable energy and with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.18, DataVita is the most energy efficient data centre in the country, helping our customers achieve their carbon reduction goals.


The site is supplied by fully redundant 11kV High Voltage power connections which are supplied by a local 33kV grid station.

The grid station is connected to the Scottish Power network on a ring connection and has fully redundant 33kV to 11kV transformers separated by a full height blast wall to ensure the resilience of the serviced supplies.

Site capacity is currently 16MVA with scope to increase to 24MVA in the future to fully utilise the capacity of the grid station.

The site provides fully redundant A & B power to each data rack with its N+N electrical network topology with fully rated UPS and stand-by generators on both A & B feeds. Each 1000sqm hall has dedicated mechanical and electrical infrastructure to provide another layer of resilience between halls.

The stand-by generators are rated for continuous operation of the entire site enabling the site to operate in the event of a prolonged utility outage with no break in service at peak load conditions. The stand-by generators are supported by bulk and dedicated fuel tanks and are operated ensuring there is a minimum of 72 hours fuel available on site at all times. The fuel supply chain has contracted SLA’s to deliver fuel to the site in less than 4 hours.  


The Data Halls are protected from fire by an inert Gas Suppression system which if discharged will have no detrimental effect on the IT equipment. There are two layers of fire detection utilising an early warning aspirating system which will detect fires at their incipient stage and a conventional fire detection system with smoke and heat detectors.


The Data Hall and the entire site are monitored by a plethora of systems covering plant status, environmental conditions, energy use, IT infrastructure and security systems. These monitoring tools report to the 24/7 Service Desk to ensure all appropriate actions are logged and actioned.

The site is manned 24×7 by DataVita security staff who use cutting edge security technologies to ensure the physical security of the site.

The technologies used to achieve this are HD Camera coverage of the whole site including ANPR, collision monitoring sensors on outer layer fencing utilising analytics, dual authentication access control and RF sensor technology on racks. This combination of cutting-edge security systems and procedures deliver one of the most secure data centres in the UK.

The 24×7 security presence is mirrored by our Service Desk and facilities personnel to ensure all customer queries, incidents or remote hands requests can be accommodated at any time.

One of the key elements that enable DataVita to confidently complete best practice routine maintenance is the resiliency designed and built into our buildings and infrastructure. The M&E infrastructure supporting the Data Halls has been designed and installed to exceed the Uptime Institute Tier III requirements and we have extended this N+N topology through to our IT Networks and IT services to ensure a standard form of resilience is inherent within our business.

Some highlights of the installed infrastructure include, full G59 compliance enabling us to parallel our generators with the utility mains to complete on-load testing with no break in supply, N+N Electrical network infrastructure, N+1 high efficiency environmental conditioning plant and high availability auditable monitoring systems.

If you would like to find out more for yourself, please get in touch to book a virtual tour (we’ll be back to physical tours ASAP).

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