Object Storage


DataVita FLEXstore offers next generation scale-out storage for your applications, websites and unstructured files.

Only pay for what you store with no commitment and no additional cost for ingress or egress of data

  • Rich content services
  • Video, images, pdfs and sensor data
  • Support for billions of objects
  • Ideal for streaming data access
  • Large throughput rates
  • Backup repository and secure archive
  • Capacity optimized
  • Low transaction loads
  • Long retention periods
  • Ideal for all latency tolerant workloads
  • Always know where your data is stored
  • UK data sovereignty guaranteed!
  • Policy-based to simplify management
  • S3, Swift, NFS and CIFS access
  • Durable, low-cost cloud storage for Active Archive

Our simpler, more secure OpenStack storage deployments provide:

Keystone integration

  • Support Keystone v3 authentication for Swift API users
  • Integrate with Keystone multitenancy with FLEXstore tenants
  • Automatic Swift account creation: a Keystone project maps to an account
  • Support UUID and Fernet tokens with token caching (optimized for multisite)

Swift ACL support

  • Support Swift container ACLs for access control with Keystone authentication

Heat-less deployment

  • Remove dependency on heat to deploy grid nodes in OpenStack