We are pleased to announce that we now are able to offer a range of Cloud Services via the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 Framework.  This will allow Public Sector organisations to benefit from the latest DataVita Cloud Services.

Danny Quinn, Managing Director of DataVita said, “We specifically tailored our G-Cloud offering to help customers transform the way they consume services but also to remain in control of areas such as data sovereignty, security and latency.  Our customers are clear that they want to continue to move towards a Hybrid model with data and services hosted on the most relevant platforms”.

The following cloud products are available on the Digital Marketplace:

Backup as a Service – BaaS

DataVita Backup as a Service (BaaS) simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments. Our service eliminates traditional backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and deduplicated storage into a single, scale-out service.

DataVita Cloud – Multi Tenant

The DataVita Cloud is a highly available, resilient and secure environment; combining world class technologies from Cisco, NetApp and VMware. The highly flexible and scalable solution enables the rapid end-to-end provision of infrastructure and apps; increasing business agility while lowering cost all hosted in our ultra-secure datacentre just outside Glasgow.

DataVita Infrastructure as a Service – Private IaaS

DataVita’s Private Infrastructure as a Service platform provides a single-tenant infrastructure with dedicated storage and Compute, based on Cisco Hyperflex technology. Hosted within an Uptime Institute Tier III Certified Constructed Datacentre, offering enterprise-class security and reliability.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS

DataVita’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables replication of critical services between virtual platforms for a quick recovery. Clients can replicate from on-premise infrastructure or between any DataVita’s Cloud services. Two full DR tests are included each a year with the ability to simulate fail-overs without impacting production services.

Hybrid Cloud enablement for physical infrastructure

DataVita’s Hybrid Cloud enablement for physical infrastructure allows legacy systems to be transitioned to the cloud by providing dedicated server space for legacy systems within secure, cloud-enabled data centres, enabling you to integrate seamlessly to the cloud.

Storage as a Service – StaaS

DataVita Storage as a Service (STaaS) allows customers to consume enterprise storage, charged monthly on a cost/GB basis. It can be on or off-premise or combined of both.

S3 Storage – Object Storage

DataVita FLEXstore offers next generation scale-out storage for your applications, websites and unstructured files. S3-compatible. Only pay for what you store with no commitment and no additional cost for ingress or egress of data.

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