DataVita achieves Uptime Institute certification

DataVita becomes first UK co-location provider to achieve Tier III constructed certification in Scotland from Uptime Institute

DataVita, Scotland’s premier datacentre provider, has announced this week that it has been awarded Tier III Constructed Certification by The Uptime Institute (TUI) for phase 1 of the Fortis Datacentre, becoming the first dedicated co-location provider in the UK to achieve this. Demonstrating its commitment to build Scotland’s first world class co-location datacentre, after achieving Stage 1 – Design certification – in 2015, DataVita has achieved stage two – Construction certification and plans to achieve stage III – Operational Sustainability – in the coming year.

Certification of a Constructed datacentre gives customers the assurance that the facility has been constructed as designed to meet, as a minimum, the defined availability requirements of the selected tier. The Constructed certification process includes live testing of the mechanical and electrical performance of the facility under real-world conditions from component failure to total loss of power to the site and many more rigorous tests. The Uptime Institute standard is globally recognised as the benchmark for datacentre reliability and effectiveness.

Danny Quinn, Managing Director of DataVita said: “We want DataVita to stand out in the UK co-location market for innovation and quality. Achieving Construction certification with Uptime Institute means we are unique. Self-certification by co-location datacentres to a tier standard is prevalent in the industry and causes unnecessary confusion for customers. There is added confusion of certifying the Design only of the datacentre and continuing to claim compliance to the standard once it has been constructed. DataVita’s commitment to quality and transparency ensures customers can make an informed decision based on fact.”

“We are pleased to award Scotland’s first Tier III constructed facility certificate to DataVita,” said Phil Collerton, Managing Director EMEA, Uptime Institute. “We applaud DataVita for having the foresight to work closely with Uptime Institute through both the design and construction phases of their facility. Their commitment to the certification of their data centre operation provides DataVita with both a strong differentiation in the Scottish market and offers customers added confidence knowing that their infrastructure, systems and processes have been vetted by an independent and qualified third party.”

With yet more recent high profile datacentre outages impacting global businesses, DataVita believes the time is right to offer customers a datacentre facility that is not only Construction certified but also operated in a manner that meets the approval of a globally recognised body such as Uptime Institute. DataVita is committed to achieving the final stage, Operational Sustainability certification in the next 12 months.

Final occupier fit out of phase 1 of the Fortis datacentre has recently finished. The first DataVita customers are installing their equipment during September ready for a service live date of the 3rd October.

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