Data Centre Technical Specifications



  • Dual feed from dedicated, onsite substations.
  • 100% green power.


  • N+N redundancy.
  • Data Centre Continuous (DCC) rated.
  • 4 x 96,000 litre bulk fuel tanks.
  • Dedicated 12-hour day-tank.
  • 76 hours fuel storage maintained.
  • Dual fuel supplies contracts with SLA.

Mechanical Cool:

  • N+1 indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling.


  • Aspirating Smoke Detection System (VESDA) Addressable.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System NOVEC Fire Suppression.


  • N+N.
  • 10 minutes battery antimony.
  • High efficiency double conversion online static UPS.

Electrical Distribution Paths:

  • Each rack is provided with an ‘A’ and ‘B’ string power supply.
  • Data Hall cooling units are dual supplied via onboard ATS with controls UPS supplied to ensure rapid recovery.

Mechanical Distribution:

  • Uptime Institute Tier III TCCF.

BMS Controls:

  • RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments.
Site & Risk

Facility Size: 

  • 8,000m2

Private Halls:

  • From 200m2 to 1,000m2

Power Available:

  • 24MW

Flight Path/Nearest Airport(s):

  • Not on any commercial flight path. 
  • Glasgow International (26km).

Location Category: 

  • Residential/Light Industrial.

Bespoke Fitout:

  • Available.

Rooftop (Transmitters, etc): 

  • Space Available.

Flood Risk:

  • 1 in 500-year event (Lowest possible rating).

Nearest Railway Line:

  • 4km

Hazardous Neighbours:

  • None


  • Twin, touch sensitive, anti-scale fence with sterile area.
  • pedestrian turnstiles.


  • Two factor authentication at challenge points.
  • Redundant man traps.
  • Customer control access portal via online portal.
  • Anti-tailgate system.
  • Standalone access control & biometric available.

Security Officers:

  • Onsite 24/7 dedicated guards.
  • Additional off-site monitoring.
  • All staff SC cleared.


  • Secure car parking outside of main perimeter.
  • vehicle airlock with anti-ram.
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).
  • Secure loading bays.


  • 130+ HD Cameras with inbuilt AI.
  • 90 days retention.
  • All racks covered for front and back.
  • In rack CCTV option available.

In Hall:

  • All halls only accessible via secure data corridors.
  • No external walls.
  • CCTV.
  • Door open/closed sensors on all rack (front and rear).
  • Intruder detection.


  • 4 sperate fibre entry points, with no point of convergence.
  • Redundant MMR/telco room.

Cloud Access: 

  • AWS Direct Connect.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • ExpressRoute.
  • Alibaba Cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Direct Link.
  • Oracle FastConnect.

Carrier Availability:

  • Carrier Neutral.

Peering Exchanges:

  • Scotland IX (LINX)

Cross Connects:

  • Fibre (Single and Multi-Mode).
  • Copper.

IP Transit:

  • Up to 10gb of resilient connectivity available.
On-Site facilities


  • 3 conference rooms.
  • Multiple build rooms.
  • Project rooms.


  • Kitchen.
  • TV area.
  • Showers.


  • Free throughout site.


  • Secure storage cages.


  • Design PUE of 1.2.


  • Indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling.
  • RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments.


  • 100% green power via Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO).
  • Climate Change Agreement Member.


  • High-efficiency UPS systems.

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