Data Centre Technical Specifications



  • Dual feed from dedicated, onsite substations.
  • 100% green power.


  • N+N redundancy.
  • Data Centre Continuous (DCC) rated.
  • 4 x 96,000 litre bulk fuel tanks.
  • Dedicated 12-hour day-tank.
  • 76 hours fuel storage maintained.
  • Dual fuel supplies contracts with SLA.

Mechanical Cool:

  • N+1 indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling.


  • Aspirating Smoke Detection System (VESDA) Addressable.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System NOVEC Fire Suppression.


  • N+N.
  • 10 minutes battery antimony.
  • High efficiency double conversion online static UPS.

Electrical Distribution Paths:

  • Each rack is provided with an ‘A’ and ‘B’ string power supply.
  • Data Hall cooling units are dual supplied via onboard ATS with controls UPS supplied to ensure rapid recovery.

Mechanical Distribution:

  • Uptime Institute Tier III TCCF.

BMS Controls:

  • RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments.
Site & Risk

Facility Size: 

  • 8,000m2

Private Halls:

  • From 200m2 to 1,000m2

Power Available:

  • 24MW

Flight Path/Nearest Airport(s):

  • Not on any commercial flight path. 
  • Glasgow International (26km).

Location Category: 

  • Residential/Light Industrial.

Bespoke Fitout:

  • Available.

Rooftop (Transmitters, etc): 

  • Space Available.

Flood Risk:

  • 1 in 500-year event (Lowest possible rating).

Nearest Railway Line:

  • 4km

Hazardous Neighbours:

  • None


  • Twin, touch sensitive, anti-scale fence with sterile area.
  • pedestrian turnstiles.


  • Two factor authentication at challenge points.
  • Redundant man traps.
  • Customer control access portal via online portal.
  • Anti-tailgate system.
  • Standalone access control & biometric available.

Security Officers:

  • Onsite 24/7 dedicated guards.
  • Additional off-site monitoring.
  • All staff SC cleared.


  • Secure car parking outside of main perimeter.
  • vehicle airlock with anti-ram.
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).
  • Secure loading bays.


  • 130+ HD Cameras with inbuilt AI.
  • 90 days retention.
  • All racks covered for front and back.
  • In rack CCTV option available.

In Hall:

  • All halls only accessible via secure data corridors.
  • No external walls.
  • CCTV.
  • Door open/closed sensors on all rack (front and rear).
  • Intruder detection.


  • 4 sperate fibre entry points, with no point of convergence.
  • Redundant MMR/telco room.

Cloud Access: 

  • AWS Direct Connect.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • ExpressRoute.
  • Alibaba Cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Direct Link.
  • Oracle FastConnect.

Carrier Availability:

  • Carrier Neutral.

Peering Exchanges:

  • Scotland IX (LINX)

Cross Connects:

  • Fibre (Single and Multi-Mode).
  • Copper.

IP Transit:

  • Up to 10gb of resilient connectivity available.
On-Site facilities


  • 3 conference rooms.
  • Multiple build rooms.
  • Project rooms.


  • Kitchen.
  • TV area.
  • Showers.


  • Free throughout site.


  • Secure storage cages.


  • Design PUE of 1.2.


  • Indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling.
  • RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments.


  • 100% green power via Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO).
  • Climate Change Agreement Member.


  • High-efficiency UPS systems.

We provide direct technical support at all hours of the day. Please reach out if you require assistance. We can be reached by telephone 0141 428 3555 or email

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