Why DataVita?

Backed by over 30 years of commercial, technical and operational experience at the board level, we have seen our fair share of things done badly and quite a few done well.


We like the environment we live and want it to stay just how it is. However we are very aware that datacentres are fast becoming one of the single largest consumers of power in the world. That’s why when we designed and built Fortis, we aimed for the highest levels of efficiency out there, and then we beat them.


At DataVita we see people as our biggest investment. People make things happen. People innovate and innovation triggers the need for quality. Innovation + quality = agility in our world.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour of Fortis – the UK’s most energy efficient datacentre.


Not all co-location products are the same. DataVita has taken a fresh look at this and come up with something which we think is more aligned to what our customers need. We have built our co-location products to reflect our core values.


Most people would agree that cloud computing is now an established part of any IT service. The big challenge today for many organisations is how to integrate cloud services seamlessly and get the best from this combination.

Datacentre Services

To help you get the best out of our datacentre and products, we have designed a range off bolt-on datacentre services that provide those extra little things that make using a facility like ours easy.

Life Science and Healthcare Hosting

Scotland has a strong presence in the Life Sciences and Healthcare market with a reputation for innovation. Our innovative nature has driven us to create a vertical offering that complements Scotland’s deep resource of pool talent in this field.


DataVita has created the first true “cloud enabled” datacentre. What does this really mean?